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Dominika & Federico's PhotoBook

PhotoBook Dominika e Federico

We are proud to use the highest standard in the wedding album production: Graphistudio. It is the world's leader in the digital books industry; they have established new qualities and price-oriented standards. One of the essential strengths of Graphistudio is the quality and dedication of their staff. From the materials to the production process, every phase is critical for our combined success.

Your Wedding Album will combine the uniqueness of the handmade binding and the most advanced digital technologies. Another benefit of choosing our books is that in addition to a beautiful, timeless album, you will also receive our photo retouching services inclusive in the album's price. We personally handle all of the post-production work to create an exclusive collection tailored specifically to reflect the spirit of your wedding.

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The Wedding PhotoBook

PhotoBook di Matrimonio - Artigianato Italiano

The Wedding Photobook is a way of preserving memories and sharing your experiences of your Wedding Day that can be rivisited time and time again.

LN-Photography Studio is prepared to capture through the lens of the cameras these moments for you.Your Wedding Album will show how time stands still within the frame of a wedding photography.

What is the photobook ?

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Graphistudio Wedding Photobook


Simplicity and elegance.

We specialise in creating the finest quality photo albums and books by using the highest standards set by the award-winning Italian book binders, Graphistudio.

They are one of the world's most recognized book maker. Their hand bound photobooks are works of art in terms of both visual presentation and build quality.

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Certain to impress!

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