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Chiara & Giuseppe

Weddings Testimonial: Pino
Ivan has done an excellent job for my wedding. His work was so good that he has added something special to a day so beautiful and important!
Main Qualities: Great results, great integrity, creativity Steep

Veruska & Cristian

Weddings Testimonial: Verusca & Cristian
Scrupulous professional and friendly, a mix that can make a contract of employment, in this case a wedding contract, more gentler and pleasant. Who observes the results of his work immediately understand the passion and simplicity that Ivan manages to mix. He creates truly unique services actually merging tradition and innovation!
Main qualities: Great results, Pleasant, Expert

Frank C.

Weddings Testimonial: Frank
During my wedding day, Ivan has shown great dedication and professionalism. He created many works of art worthy to show to our family and friends.
Main qualities: Great Results, Expert, Convenient

Fabiana & Edoardo

Weddings Testimonial: Edoardo
Professionalism, reliability and great craftsmanship seasoned with sympathy and helpfulness. I was able to appreciate his work for my wedding .... what to say?!? You will want to put him inside your wedding album!
Main qualities: Expert, Integrity, Creativeness

Betty N.

Weddings Testimonial: Betty
Ciao Ivan, you are really good in what you do! I do love your pictures and I also love your style!
You know how they say it in English, keep on going on !!
Main qualities: Creativeness, Funny, Professional

Alessandro M.

Weddings Testimonial: Alessandro
We addressed to LN-photography as we wanted a photo shoot for our wedding. Ivan and Marie were very helpful and they took usbeautiful photos. They also offer personalized services. In this way, they certainly stand out from the crowd!!
Main qualities: Great result, Outstanding Professionalism, Artistic Genius

Lorenzo P.

Testimonial: Lorenzo P.
Ivan and Marie have shown very friendly with me, both from the point of view of humanity and of professionality. Among the few personswith whom I worked and I work, I can safely consider them worthy of a place in the front row!
Main qualities: Creativeness, Great Integrity, Serious

Sofia & Jack

Weddings Testimonial: Sofia
Photography is something magical. There are moments that are removed from time and made eternal. Thanks to their spontaneity , professionalism, and why not, even a touch of artistic genius, Ivan and Marie are able to turn a portrait into something more than a simple click. Highlighting the particulars, gestures, details, curves and expressions as only a trained eye can do. Thanks to you my most beautiful photos!
Main qualities: Professionalism, Spontaneous, Artistic Genius

Martina & Mauro

Weddings Testimonial: Mauro
Our only session with Ivan and Marie acting as photogrpahers has run smoothly. The shooting was such fun and the result was far better than what we expected. Considering the commitment, and the results, I can advice Ivan's services on every occasion :) 
Main qualities: Great Result, Professionalism, Funny

Fabiana D.B.

Weddings Testimonial: Fabiana
Hello Ivan... I can say that you are a true professional, you put people at ease. You show me what was wrong in my stance (shadows and lights) and the result turned out in beautiful pictures ...if I need another photo shoot I will certainly know where to return!
Thank you!
Main qualities: Professionalism, Spontaneity, Funny

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